Established in September 2019, ZhenDui Industry Artificial Intelligence Co. Ltd (ZDIAI) is a pilot enterprise of science and technology exploration originated from the China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC). ZDIAI is a pilot unit of the fourth batch of national state-owned enterprises' mixed ownership reform approved by the State owned enterprise reform group of the State Council. It is also a core backbone enterprise of national high-tech ship intelligence, a marine electronic information chain leader unit of the Shenzhen Marine Center City Construction Promotion Association, and the only Chinese enterprise among the first batch of AI reliable suppliers recommended globally to the maritime industry by the Lloyd's Register of Shipping(LR).
As a leading enterprise in the intelligent technology and product services for the maritime field, ZDIAI insists on “ocean, green, and intelligence” and focuses on becoming a trusted provider of ship intelligent systems and data services for maritime enterprises. Oriented towards four major marine scenarios: maritime transportation, maritime defense, marine resource development, and marine resource utilization, ZDIAI has become the first domestic intelligent company that can provide a full range of intelligent products for all types of ships. ZDIAI is also a leading supplier of intelligent systems in the global maritime field market.
Four Major Center Capabilities
System Efficiency Evaluation Center
Aiming at improving the efficiency of the industrial user system, and deeply exploring the hidden order and hidden connections that affect the system efficiency, ZDIAI carries out the decoupling and reconstruction of the original user operation process, promoting users to build a new intelligent system, and improving the overall efficiency of users.
Yulin Data Service Center
Facing the industrial application scenarios of “business, transportation, management, and maintenance”, ZDIAI provides real-time, professional, and customized industrial data applications and decision-making services for enterprise production and operations, achieving worry-free control of the industrial process.
Huben Control Center
As maritime equipment demands intelligence and autonomy, ZDIAI delivers core solutions that empower smarter decision-making. Focused on intelligent navigation, operation, maintenance, and tasks, we enable remote monitoring, operation, and control, unlocking a new era of maritime efficiency.
Tianluge Cognitive Center
We build a comprehensive knowledge system at the core of our solutions. By integrating this knowledge with industry expertise, ZDIAI empowers the development of intelligent thinking for maritime equipment. This translates to a wider range of customizable intelligent applications that cater to your specific needs.
Vision and Mission
Birth from the Sea, March to the Sea, Make the Ocean No Longer Distant
Industrial Internet Empowers the Marine Economy
Living Up to Dreams

ZDIAI birthed from the shipbuilding industry, and grew up and achieved success therein. Today, with the vision of “Birthing from the Sea, Marching to the Sea, Making the Ocean No Longer Distant”, and the mission of “Empowering the marine economy with the industrial internet”, it stands at the crossroads of the industrial internet track in the maritime industry. Oriented to unmanned marine equipment and industrial internet, it continuously strengthens the depth and breadth of its product range and refines its technical core.

ZDIAI is a stage for a group of ordinary people to do extraordinary things. With the same cultural genes, we are driven by a unified culture. Oriented to value creation, we hold a firm belief and faith, insist on high responsibility, keep eager to changes, and brave in creation. On the road ahead, we pay sincere mutual assistance.

Core values
Corporate Awards and Qualifications
Lloyd’s Register Digital Twin Ready of Smart Vessel Operation and Maintenance System (SOMS) Certificate
(The first certificate issued in China and the second in the world)
Quality Management System Certificate
Weaponry and Equipment Quality Management System Certificate
Enterprise Credit Rating Certificate
Information Security Management System Certificate
Intellectual Property Management System Certificate of Conformity
Software Enterprise Certificate
Environmental Management System Certificate of Conformity
Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate of Conformity
Integration of Integration of Informationization and Industrialization Management System Certificate
National High-Tech Enterprise Certificate
Shenzhen Specialized and Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Certificate
Industry influence
Director Unit of Chinese Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovative in Manufacturing
Discretionary Member Unit of the Software and System Engineering sub Committee
Vice-President Unit of the Shenzhen Baoan Industrial Internet Association
“2020 Industrial Internet Emerging Enterprise” selected by China Industry Daily
Top 60 Most Valuable Growth Companies on the New Infrastructure Entrepreneurship