The product lines of ZDIAI

All-in-one solution
Considering the life cycle of ship design, construction, operation and management as a whole, in order to achieve the goals of cost reduction and efficiency increase, green environment protection, resource integration, and value creation and optimization, ZDIAI provides a whole set of intelligent ship solutions.

Using data-aware communication, digital twin, industrial internet and other technical means, we carry out digitalization, networking and intelligent construction to realize the upgrading of information and control capability, and solve the demand for large-scale complex system integration and customization of ships, the demand for lean and collaborative ship operation and management, and the demand for integrated data service of industrial chain, thereby making ships safer, more economical, more environmentally-friendly and more efficient. We are committed to promoting the industry to form a new business mode of platform-based design, intelligent operation, networked collaboration, personalized customization, service extension and digital management.
Huben - a product line for maritime equipment autonomy
With the goal of improving the overall efficiency and equipment autonomy of the whole ship, we provide more than ten kinds of maritime intelligent systems to adapt to various ship types and scenarios. We independently develop applications in four major directions:Intelligent Navigation, Intelligent Operation, Intelligent Maintenance and Intelligent Tasks for the ship, with the application scope covering the ship's wheelhouse, central control room, cargo tank/passenger cabin, etc., and support customization for users on demand.
Yulin - A product line that providing data service for shipping companies
For industrial enterprises in the field of maritime, we provide third-party data service products based on shore-and-sea integration, and localized digital twin command module, which can deeply collaborate business and management through digitization, networking and intelligence, thereby realizing decision-making based on prediction, and helping industry enterprises to transform their roles in digital intelligence management.
Qiyun Industrial Internet Platform