Industrial Internet Platform Solutions

Empowering Ships for a Smarter Future
ZDIAI offers a comprehensive suite of intelligent solutions that optimize the entire lifecycle of ships. From design and construction to operation and management, we empower vessels to achieve cost reduction and efficiency,minimize expenses and maximize productivity,green navigation,and resource integration,thereby achieving value creation optimization. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies like data perception, digital twins, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), ZDIAI unlocks a new era of digital, networked, and intelligent shipbuilding.
Huben Intelligent Product Series
Aiming to enhance the comprehensive efficiency of ships and the autonomization of equipment, and facing the four major application directions of intelligent navigation, intelligent operation, intelligent maintenance, and intelligent tasks, ZDIAI has independently developed more than ten types of intelligent systems for ships, which is able to provide product solutions applicable to a variety of ship types and scenarios and supporting customized solutions for users on demand.
Yulin Data Service Product Series
For maritime industrial enterprises, ZDIAI provides third-party data service products and localized digital twin command cabins based on shore-sea linkage. Through digitalization, networking, and intelligence, the business is able to deeply coordinate with management, thereby enabling predictive decision-making and contributing to digital and intelligent management transformation of industry enterprises.
Qiyun Industrial Internet Platform