Three Major Technical Capabilities
Platform Technology
On the basis of an open unified architecture, it connects ship and shore users with a digital twin model, using a distributed deployment model for equipment, enterprise, and service terminals. It features soft and hard decoupling, interconnectivity, plug and play, integrated control and management, and secure and trustworthy.
Data Technology
With industrial big data as the core asset, and on the basis of the concept of data-driven and domain knowledge integration, it utilizes machine learning, deep learning, PHM (Prognostics and Health Management), industrial artificial intelligence (IAI), and other technical means to materialize implicit data, modelize explicit information, and valueize model applications.
Control Technology
On the basis of cloud-edge-terminal collaborative control strategies, it achieves interconnectivity, intercommunication, and interoperability of different devices by a unified protocol, and real-time/near real-time information processing and control by distributed intelligent edge computing units.
Pioneering Industrial CPS Technology
ZDIAI leads the way in industrial CPS technology. We leverage a core of industry-native technologies to build a comprehensive technical capability system. This system is powered by an advanced intelligent technology chain organization and strong industry partnerships, ensuring solutions that are practical and optimized for real-world industrial applications.
Platform Integration
Birthing from the overall unit of the navy system, ZDIAI deployed applications for domestic and foreign major ship owners and hundreds of mainstream ship types.
Industrial Big Data
Safe and efficient intelligent automation control system
PMH Technology
A leader in the industry’s first industrial big data summit in 2014.
Industrial Process Control
By precipitation and inheritance of industrial cognition and knowledge, ZDIAI obtained the Lloyd’s Register Digital Twin Ready of Smart Vessel Operation and Maintenance System (SOMS) Certificate.
Digital Twin
Comprehensive status assessment and health management series are equipped on the main naval surface combatants.
Industrial Management Engineering
Supply and demand problems are solved for organizations and industries, with practical experience in multiple industries and fields.