Three main technical capabilities
Platform Capability
Based on the open and unified architecture design, platform technology connects users on the ship side and shore side with "Digital Twin Model" as a link, and adopts the distributed deployment mode of equipment side, enterprise side and service side with features of "software-and-hardware decoupling", "interconnection-and-interoperability", "plug-and-apply", "control-and-integration", "security-and-trust".
Data Technology
Regarding "Industrial Big Data" as the core asset, based on the "Data-driven" and "Knowledge Integration" technology from different fields, ZDIAI realizes the explicitization of implicit data, the modeling of explicit information, and the valorization of model applications through Machine Learning, PHM, Industrial Artificial Intelligence (IAI) and other technical means.
Control Technology
Based on cloud-edge-end collaborative control strategy, we realize interconnection and interoperability between different devices based on unified protocol. We also realize the real-time/near real-time information processing and control of devices by using distributed intelligent edge computing units.
T4 Team Capability
OT- Industrial Technology Team
-Born in the marine industry, understands the real needs of industrial users.
-An explorer in the process of industrial transformation, have rich experience in equipment operation and maintenance, and operation practice accumulation.
AIT- Industrial Intelligence Technology Team
-AI algorithm and intelligent control team
-Cognitive and decision-making technology experts
-Data science experts
IT- Information Technology Team
-Operation and maintenance monitoring capability for safe and stable operation of distributed platform
-Industrial software technology innovation and research capability
-Accumulation of rich experience in digital upgrading of industrial enterprises in multiple industries and cross fields
DT- Digital twin technology team
-Experts in the field of industrial know-how
-Digital twin ready certification
-Model and instrumental industrial knowledge precipitation
CPS technical system framework
The company establishes the framework of CPS technology system with industrial characteristics. The company establishes a technical capability system with industrial-native technology as the core, and also establishes a technical capability system with advanced intelligent technology chain organization and chain industry as the main features.
Platform Integration
Zdiai comes from the systems engineering research institute, deploying applications for major domestic, foreign shipowners and more than a hundred mainstream ship types.
Industrial Big Data
Safe and efficient intelligent automation control system
Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) technology
Zdiai was the leader of the first industrial big data summit in 2014
Industrial Process Control
Industrial cognition and knowledge precipitation and inheritance, was awarded Lloyd's Register Digital Twin Ready of Smart Vessel Operation and Maintenance System (SOMS) Certificate (The first certificate issued in the mainland China and the second in the world)
Digital Twin
Integrated condition assessment and health management system, installed in the Navy's main surface ships
Industrial Management Engineering
Apply chain organization and chain industry to solve supply and demand problems, with practical experience in multiple industries and fields