Industry Applications

Targeting the four major marine application scenarios, ZDIAI provides economical, efficient, green, and intelligent industrial digital products.

Maritime Industrial Internet System
Smart Ships,Smart Shipping
Regarding ship equipment as the carrier and the industrial internet as the bond, ZDIAI provides customized services for the ship industry chain and shipping ecological chain, enhancing the efficiency of data asset utilization and service value creation capabilities.
Product Application Scenarios
Maritime Transportation
Empowering Practices
Successfully created
The first batch of VLCC intelligent fleets in China
The first batch of VLOC intelligent fleets in China
The first batch of intelligent fleets of offshore bulk carriers in China
The first batch of intelligent feeder container fleets in China
The first batch of intelligent LNG-powered river fleets in China
The first batch of intelligent chemical fleets with full notation in China
Industry-leading port oil-electric hybrid intelligent tugboats
The first command and operation platform for LNG-powered river fleet in China
Maritime Defense
Empowering Practices
In collaboration with the Shenzhen Comprehensive Marine Law Enforcement Detachment, ZDIAI is proud to contribute to the city's development as a global maritime center. We achieve this by providing customized intelligent ship technology solutions for key projects.
ZDIAI's Solutions:
Secure Ship Network Platform
We ensure seamless and secure interconnection between all onboard computers and terminal devices.
Intelligent Engine Rooms & Navigation
Real-time data analysis by our intelligent systems enables precise safety assessments and predictions, optimizing operations and safeguarding crew members.
Maritime Resource Exploitation
Empowering Practices
Pioneering Intelligent Power Escort Fleets
ZDIAI leads the way in China with intelligent power escort fleets. These vessels leverage cutting-edge technologies to deliver, including the key function of Equipment Health Management,Production Optimization,Energy Savings and Enhanced Safety.
Optimizing Oil Drilling Platform Efficiency
We empower oil drilling platforms with real-time data analysis to increase output and profitability, minimize fuel consumption and environmental impact, thereby achieving predictive maintenance.
Smart Management for Offshore Wind Power
ZDIAI's digital collaboration platform connects ships and shore, aiming at improving efficiency and safety, reducing downtime and costs, and making informed decisions for better outcomes.
Maritime Resource Utilization
Empowering Practices
ZDIAI Powers World's First Intelligent Fish Farm
ZDIAI played a critical role in the successful delivery and operation of the "Guoxin No. 1," the world's first 100,000-ton intelligent fish farming vessel. This groundbreaking vessel is equipped with ZDIAI's Qiyun Platform——Aquaculture Vessel Status Monitoring System.
Real-Time Data for Optimal Fish Farming
By dynamically monitoring various aspects, including hydrological conditions, navigation, engine room performance, key aquaculture equipment, and the aquaculture process itself, ZDIAI's system enables integrated ship-shore collaborative management. This real-time data empowers crew and onshore personnel to optimize operations, improve efficiency, achieving a new level of lean management in aquaculture.