Industry Applications

The company provides economical, efficient, green and intelligent industrial digital products for the most demanding application scenarios in the ocean.

Ship-oriented Industrial Internet System
Smart Ships,Smart Shipping
Taking ship equipment as the carrier and industrial Internet as the link, we provide customized services for the whole industry chain of ships and shipping ecological chain, thereby enhancing the utilization efficiency of data assets and the value creation ability of service.
Product Application Scenarios
Up to now, our intelligent ship-wide products have been widely used in more than four hundred ships, with the first market share in China's maritime transportation system. The products are widely used in container, tanker and bulk carrier fleets; the scenes cover ocean-going, offshore and inland waterways.
Maritime Transportation
Successfully empowered
The first VLCC smart fleet in China
The first VLOC smart fleet in China
The first intelligent fleet of offshore bulk carriers in China
The first intelligent feeder container in China
The first intelligent LNG-powered river fleet
The first intelligent chemical fleet with full symbol(CCS) in China
The industry's leading port oil and electric hybrid intelligent tug
The first command and operation platform for LNG-powered river fleet
Strategic cooperation with the Coast Guard and the Sea Guard to create a comprehensive legal protection system of "shore, sea, air and sky" and to promote efficient law enforcement and precise mission achievement.
Maritime Defense
We cooperate with Shenzhen Comprehensive Marine Law Enforcement Detachment to provide customized intelligent ship technical support for key projects, thereby promoting the construction of the global marine center city of Shenzhen.
The ship network platform is installed to realize the interconnection of all computers and terminal devices of the whole ship. The intelligent cabin and intelligent navigation system can make accurate assessment and prediction of safety according to the operation status of the equipment. 
For the operation needs of maritime oil and gas, maritime wind power equipment and other multi-scene processes, we provide comprehensive products and solutions for the operation and condition-based maintenance of various types of vessels, and create a comprehensive system for the protection of maritime resource exploitation equipment.
Maritime Resource Exploitation
Empowering the first fleet of intelligent power guardian vessels in China
Based on technologies such as industrial internet, big data analysis and expert knowledge, we provide intelligent applications such as equipment health management, production scheduling command, energy consumption management optimization and navigation operation safety, realizing intelligent applications in typical scenarios such as production optimization, safety emergency, comprehensive scheduling, energy saving and consumption reduction, and predictive maintenance.
Empowering the Oil Drilling Platform
Combined with the current situation and characteristics of offshore oil and gas fields, we can dynamically monitoring the energy consumption parameters of the whole process of offshore oil and gas fields based on real-time data, converting the energy consumption detection covering the capacity of global indicators of energy production, consumption, and delivery, thereby achieving comprehensive and scientific online analysis and the energy consumption control of offshore oil and gas fields.
Offshore Wind Power
To meet the needs of integrated management of engineering operations under different weather and working conditions, the ship-shore digitized cooperative management is carried out from the aspects of equipment health, ship safety, energy consumption management and operation and maintenance to improve the ship management level and the efficiency of engineering operation, thereby reducing the safety risk of the ship.
Aiming at the deep-sea fishery aquaculture industry, we build an industrialized, intensive and intelligent deep-sea aquaculture and service guarantee system integrating the sea and shore, provide intelligent aquaculture equipment and data service platform for large aquaculture vessels, and help realize scientific aquaculture and digital operation in the long run.
Maritime Resource Utilization
The company successfully supported the delivery and operation of the world's first 100,000-ton intelligent fishery large-scale farming vessel "Guoxin No.1".
The vessel is equipped with the status monitoring system of the farming vessel, which is a product of Qiyun platform.
The company has realized the integrated ship-shore management of hydro-meteorology, navigation, cabin, key farming equipment and farming production process status through dynamic monitoring of farming vessel status to improve the lean management level of farming.